Lockport’s Premier CrossFit Facility

Want to get fit, but can’t stand the thought of spending one more mind-numbing minute at a boring globo-gym? Then come check out CrossFit Natus Vincere. Our proven approach to fitness is not only fun, it’s different every day so you’ll NEVER get bored!

Think you can’t do CrossFit? Heard that it’s too "extreme" for regular folks? Well, that’s 100% wrong. The awesome thing about CrossFit is that our workouts can be scaled to ANY body. We have athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes working out side by side – and all accomplishing amazing things together!

Better yet – our encouraging environment means you’ll never feel judged or out of place. There’s just something about CrossFit that brings people together. You’ll be cheered on and supported when you work out with our group, which will soon become "your group," and YOU will be the one helping newcomers feel right at home!

In three months, you’ll thank yourself

Ready. Set. GO!


CrossFit Natus Vincere’s 2,400-square-foot facility is simply the best place to get fit in Lockport. We’re well stocked with top-of-the-line CrossFit equipment, so you never have to wait around for a machine or bar. Our bright, open space is kept immaculately clean for your comfort. And plenty of open space gives you lots of room to move around and have a blast during your workouts. Our passionate, talented trainers will keep you moving in safe, effective ways that get you to your goals safely. Click on the button to take a photo tour of CrossFit Natus Vincere now!

  • I have really enjoyed working out with my trainer, Stephanie. I have done about eight sessions, and it is great and I feel so much better. Even older people can work out there, not just for the young and fit. It is a bright and clean area to work out. Already, I can see a difference in myself.


  • I started doing CrossFit when Natus Vincere opened and have really enjoyed it. The staff is knowledgeable and does a great job at helping people of all skill levels learn. If you’re looking for a clean gym, friendly and skilled staff, and good rate for CrossFit in or near Lockport, I highly recommend it.


  • When I found out CrossFit Natus Vincere was opening near my house, I knew I wanted to try it but felt I was too old and out of shape. So I decided to start out doing personal training with Stephanie Darin with a goal after 30 days to start CrossFit. Stephanie has exceeded my expectations in so many ways.