You’ll hate us, but LOVE us for getting you fit.

Nick Mitidiero

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USA level 1 Sports Performance Coach

I have been a member of the Lockport Community for over 20 years. I went to Lockport H.S. where I played baseball and continued to play through college at Bradley University. After college, I have to admit I let myself get WAY out of shape. Then, while visiting my aunt in New Jersey I came upon a wonderful mode of training called CrossFit. I’ve loved it ever since.

You can ask 10 people why they like CrossFit and you may get 10 different answers, that’s because there is no right or wrong answer as to why CrossFit is special to people. Come find out why you’d love it too!

Stephanie Darin

Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine
Bachelors of Science Degree – Kinesiology & Recreation
Coaching Minor & Health Endorsement

Today is the day to make a change, to encourage a healthier lifestyle, to achieve a greater level of fitness and to be happier with yourself. Believe fitness is a way of life that will lead to a successful YOU! It is my passion to have the opportunity to work with others and help them realize they can reach their goals. The inspiration I gained from working with many individuals of all ages motivates me to continue to do what I truly love!

By combining my teaching and coaching experience along with my personal struggle with weight gain, it has led me in the direction of becoming a personal trainer.  Having the ability to work with someone and to help them to make a difference in their lives is what inspires me!

Tabor Woodring

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

No matter what it is I always try to give 100% effort. Whether it’s being a coach, business owner, or athlete, I try to give 100% effort in every aspect of my life. This wasnt always the case. Actually on the contrary I was completely satisfied with competence throughout my life. It wasnt until I started Crossfit, when I began to surround myself with like minded individuals that were the most positive, hungry, humbling, and inspiring group I’ve ever met. This community was nothing like ive ever seen before. People of all different shapes and sizes, ages, and fitness capabilities all working out together, building eachother up, and giving eachother crisp, sweaty, high fives with great big smiles! The Crossfit community has completely inspired me to change my habits… all for the better, to constantly chase greatness, to unlock my full potential inside and outside of the gym. Today im a co- owner of Crossfit Natus Vincere, Head coach with years of experience, and ive dedicated my life to the community which gave me back so much!

Jack Marcinkewicz

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I have been a member of the Lockport Community since 2002. My wife and I chose to raise our family in this community due to the great schools and are very proud to call Lockport home. I started doing CrossFit in 2014 after getting bored with the same gym routine for many years.

I was immediately hooked on CrossFit due to the constantly varied, functional movements, and competitive aspect of the sport. Leading a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me.

I acquired my CrossFit Level 1 in 2015 so in can help others realize the importance of leading an active lifestyle and achieving their fitness goals. I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a B.A. in Economics and currently work as a Divisional Director in the Finance industry.


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